I searched for death far sooner than I should have. I never found him. I cried, screamed and protested asking why I couldn’t find him. I’ve searched more than once. Then it hit me, death and I weren’t meant to meet just yet.

There were smiles I haven’t smiled yet and laughs I have laughed.

There were sights I haven’t seen yet and words I never spoke.

There were things I haven’t touched yet and lives I haven’t changed.

There were sounds I never heard yet and flavours that haven’t met my tongue.

There were dreams I never dreamed yet and made a reality.

There was love that I haven’t felt yet and believed in.

There were still things to hope for and have faith in.

There was beauty that I haven’t discovered yet and adventures I never had.

I decided that I would live and do all the things I haven’t done yet and wait for death to come find me himself. I will no longer search for him, for I have other things to do and I believe that he will find me when he is meant to.

You’re a figment of my imagination, and yet somehow, these words I write make you appear so real.
- H. Jenkins (Inside a Writer’s Mind)

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